High Noon Restaurant & Saloon

High Noon Restaurant & Saloon is a popular dining establishment located in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here’s more information about High Noon Restaurant & Saloon:

Historic Western Theme: High Noon Restaurant & Saloon embraces a historic Western theme, immersing guests in an Old West ambiance. The restaurant is housed in a historic building that dates back to the 1800s, adding to its charm and character.

Southwestern and American Cuisine: The menu at High Noon features a blend of Southwestern and American cuisine. Guests can enjoy dishes inspired by the flavors of New Mexico, including chile rellenos, enchiladas, steaks, burgers, seafood, and more.

Handcrafted Cocktails and Extensive Drink Menu: The saloon aspect of High Noon is renowned for its handcrafted cocktails and extensive drink menu. They offer a wide range of signature cocktails, craft beers, wines, and spirits, making it a great spot for socializing and enjoying a drink.

Live Music and Entertainment: High Noon regularly hosts live music performances, showcasing local musicians and bands. The lively atmosphere and toe-tapping tunes add to the overall dining experience, creating an enjoyable evening for guests.

Patio and Rooftop Dining: The restaurant features both a patio and a rooftop dining area, allowing guests to enjoy their meals outdoors while taking in the views of downtown Albuquerque. It’s a great option during pleasant weather or for those seeking an elevated dining experience. Learn more.

Sunday Brunch: High Noon offers a popular Sunday brunch menu, where guests can indulge in a variety of brunch classics like eggs Benedict, French toast, and savory breakfast dishes. The brunch menu often includes Southwestern-inspired twists on traditional brunch favorites.

Happy Hour Specials: High Noon has daily happy hour specials that include discounted drinks and appetizers. It’s an ideal time to unwind after work or meet up with friends for a relaxed gathering.

Private Event Space: The restaurant has a private event space available for hosting special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate events. The dedicated event team can help customize menus and create a memorable experience for guests.

Local and Regional Ingredients: High Noon Restaurant & Saloon prioritizes using local and regional ingredients in their dishes. This commitment to sourcing from local producers and farmers ensures freshness and supports the local community.

Friendly and Welcoming Atmosphere: High Noon is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The staff strives to provide attentive service and create an enjoyable dining experience for every guest, whether they are locals or visitors to Albuquerque.

High Noon Restaurant & Saloon offers a unique dining experience with its historic Western theme, Southwestern cuisine, live entertainment, and welcoming ambiance. Whether you’re stopping by for a hearty meal, enjoying drinks at the saloon, or celebrating a special occasion, High Noon is a destination that captures the spirit of the Wild West in the heart of downtown Albuquerque.

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