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Vertebral Subluxation is the result of a shift in the your back. As a result, this condition affects your normal range of motion. Furthermore, these shifts can change nerve communication between your brain and your body. Most noteworthy, these shifts can occur at any age ranging from new born babies to senior citizens.

These changes are caused by physical, emotional, and chemical stress. Because of these types of stresses, the body loses its ability to adapt. Additionally, these shifts move your body out of alignment. If left unchecked, these posture changes can lead to long term health problems.

First of all, these back problems can be caused by trauma and injury. Certainly this can happen several different ways as well. For example, from physical impact while playing sports. In addition, they can happen from falls, and car accidents. Furthermore, everyday activities like working out, or sleeping in a bad position can cause these shifts. However, changes in your posture also come from the most simple daily activities. Finally, sitting at computers, and too much time spent on smart phones, can also cause poor posture and spine issues.

In addition, Posture issues can also result from toxins due to poor diet or medications. As a result, these chemicals can throw your internal balance off. Furthermore, this will often cause the muscles to spasm or contract.

Similarly, stress is another cause that makes your back bones shifts. Most noteworthy, tension from being out of alignment will cause the muscles around your neck and upper back to tighten. Hence, pulling your posture forward and placing unusual stress on your spine.

Conditions Resulting from these shifts
Posture shifts are believed to be one of the main causes of neck pain and back pain. Therefore, treating these shifts can help alleviate painful symptoms associated with several conditions, including:

Most noteworthy, shifts in your back can cause nerve compression. In addition, these shifts cause your spine to not move properly. Therefore, this results in serious neck and back pain. Finally, if left uncorrected, this will cause severe long term issues like arthritis. Most noteworthy, symptoms can vary from person to person. The most common symptoms are:

  • Dizziness or balance problems
  • Reduced range of motion or spinal mobility
  • Spinal muscle tightness, weakness or spasms
  • Pain, numbness or tingling sensation in the extremities
  • Joint pain, soreness or tenderness

Subluxation Treatment
Dr. Allen Miner explains subluxation and spinal misalignments while showing an adjustment in this video. For more information on Chiropractic care for subluxation, contact Illumin8 Chiropractic at (505) 200-9937.

When should you see a chiropractor?
Seeing a chiropractor has many benefits, such as improve the overall functionality of the body, treat misalignment, and emotional well-being. You should see a chiropractor when you have the following issues:

1. Headache
A chiropractor can help to relieve headaches and improve blood flow, which will increase the amount of oxygen supplied to the brain. Your chiropractor may recommend a new diet plan according to your overall health conditions.

2. Joint or Muscle Pain
If you are suffering from any muscle pain or joint pain, you should not need to take aspirins all the time to handle this pain. It may occur due to some problems with musculoskeletal alignment. Spinal adjustments will improve blood flow and nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles suffering from pain.

3. Chronic Back Pain
Chronic back is the most popular reason to visit chiropractic. There are numbers of reasons those are responsible for back pain, such as posture, how long you work on your feet for the whole day, what type of work you do.

A chiropractic doctor can help you eliminate this pain without the need for invasive surgery or narcotics.


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