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Historic Grapevine GrapeFest

Historic Grapevine GrapeFest is an annual wine and food festival held in Grapevine, Texas. It celebrates the town’s rich heritage in grape growing and winemaking. Here’s some more information about Grapevine GrapeFest:

Festival Highlights: Grapevine GrapeFest is a four-day festival packed with a variety of activities, including wine tastings, live music, culinary demonstrations, arts and crafts vendors, carnival rides, and family-friendly entertainment.

Wine Tastings: One of the main attractions of Grapevine GrapeFest is the opportunity to sample wines from local and international wineries. The festival features a large selection of wines to taste, including reds, whites, rosés, and sparkling varieties. Attendees can purchase tasting tickets and explore different wine regions and flavors.

People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic: Grapevine GrapeFest hosts the People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic, where attendees can become wine connoisseurs for a day. Participants sample various wines and vote for their favorites in different categories, such as red, white, and sweet wines.

GrapeStomp: A popular event at Grapevine GrapeFest is the GrapeStomp competition. Participants stomp on grapes in traditional barrels to extract juice, competing for the title of “GrapeStomping Champion.” It’s a fun and interactive activity that adds a unique touch to the festival. Learn more about Grapevine.

GrapeFest Golf Classic: For golf enthusiasts, Grapevine GrapeFest offers a golf tournament known as the GrapeFest Golf Classic. Participants can enjoy a day on the green while supporting local charities. The tournament features contests, prizes, and a post-event reception.

Culinary Demonstrations: Grapevine GrapeFest showcases the culinary talents of local chefs and winemakers through live cooking demonstrations. Visitors can learn cooking tips, discover new recipes, and witness culinary experts in action.

Arts and Crafts: The festival includes an arts and crafts marketplace featuring a wide range of vendors. Attendees can browse through unique handmade products, artwork, jewelry, and other crafts. More about Texas.

Live Music and Entertainment: Grapevine GrapeFest features live music performances on multiple stages throughout the festival. Visitors can enjoy a diverse lineup of musicians and bands, spanning various genres and styles.

Family-friendly Activities: Grapevine GrapeFest offers a range of activities for families and children. Kids can enjoy interactive exhibits, carnival rides, face painting, inflatables, and more in the KidsWorld area.

Grapevine Wine Pavilion: The Grapevine Wine Pavilion is a dedicated area within the festival where attendees can taste and purchase wines from local Texas wineries. It’s an excellent opportunity to support local vineyards and discover new flavors.

Grapevine GrapeFest is a beloved annual event that attracts wine enthusiasts, food lovers, and families from near and far. With its wine tastings, live entertainment, culinary experiences, and festive atmosphere, the festival offers a memorable celebration of Grapevine’s wine heritage and community spirit.

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