Local Brews and Wines McKinney

McKinney, Texas is home to several breweries and wineries where visitors can enjoy local brews and wines. Here’s more information about the local beer and wine scene in McKinney:

Tupps Brewery: Located in the heart of McKinney, Tupps Brewery is known for its craft beers and welcoming atmosphere. They offer a wide selection of beers, including IPAs, lagers, stouts, and seasonal brews. Visitors can enjoy a pint in the taproom or outdoor beer garden. Next article

Franconia Brewing Company: Franconia Brewing Company is a family-owned and operated brewery in McKinney that specializes in German-style beers. They follow traditional brewing methods and use high-quality ingredients to produce authentic Bavarian-style brews. The brewery offers tours and tastings, providing insights into their brewing process.

Lone Star Wine Cellars: Lone Star Wine Cellars is a boutique winery in downtown McKinney that focuses on producing handcrafted wines. They offer a variety of red, white, and sweet wines made from Texas-grown grapes. Visitors can taste their wines in the cozy tasting room and learn about the winemaking process. Next article.

Landon Winery: Landon Winery, with a location in downtown McKinney, is known for its award-winning wines. They source grapes from various Texas vineyards to produce a diverse selection of red, white, and rosé wines. The winery offers tastings, tours, and a wine club for enthusiasts.

Mitas Hill Vineyard: Located just outside of McKinney, Mitas Hill Vineyard is a picturesque winery and event venue. They have a vineyard on-site where they grow grapes for their wines. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings, tour the vineyard, and experience the scenic beauty of the property.

Lone Star Taps & Caps: Lone Star Taps & Caps is a craft beer bar and growler filling station in McKinney. They offer an extensive selection of beers on tap, featuring a rotating lineup of local and regional brews. Visitors can sample a variety of beers and fill up their growlers to take home.

Square Burger: Square Burger, located in downtown McKinney, is a popular burger joint with an impressive selection of craft beers. They feature local brews on tap, allowing visitors to enjoy a delicious meal paired with a refreshing beer.

Emporium Pies: While not a brewery or winery, Emporium Pies in McKinney is a must-visit for dessert and wine lovers. They specialize in handmade pies made from scratch, and they offer wine pairings to complement their delicious creations. Learn more about Texas.

These are just a few examples of the breweries and wineries in McKinney, Texas. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or a wine enthusiast, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds and explore the local flavors in McKinney’s vibrant beer and wine scene.

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