Candlelight Hills

Candlelight Hills is a neighborhood located in the North East Heights area of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here’s some information about Candlelight Hills:

Location: Candlelight Hills is situated near the intersection of Eubank Boulevard and Spain Road, in the northeastern part of Albuquerque. It is surrounded by other residential neighborhoods and offers convenient access to nearby amenities.

Residential Character: Candlelight Hills is primarily a residential neighborhood with a mix of single-family homes. The area features a variety of architectural styles, including Southwestern-style homes and modern designs. Many properties in Candlelight Hills offer spacious yards and well-maintained landscaping.

Scenic Surroundings: The neighborhood is known for its picturesque setting and scenic views. It benefits from the natural beauty of the Sandia Mountains and is in close proximity to open spaces and trails, providing opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and enjoying nature.

Convenience and Amenities: Candlelight Hills offers easy access to a range of amenities and services. Nearby shopping centers, including Spain Shopping Center and Pavilions at San Mateo, provide residents with options for groceries, dining, and retail shopping. The neighborhood is also within a reasonable distance from medical facilities, schools, and parks.

Education: Candlelight Hills falls within the Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) district. There are several schools serving the area, including both public and private options. Public schools in the vicinity include Dennis Chavez Elementary School, Madison Middle School, and La Cueva High School.

Community Spirit: Candlelight Hills has an active community spirit, with residents organizing various events and activities throughout the year. It offers opportunities for neighbors to connect and foster a sense of belonging within the neighborhood.

Proximity to Recreation: The neighborhood is close to recreational facilities and parks. For example, the John B. Robert Dam Site Park, located nearby, provides opportunities for outdoor picnics, sports activities, and relaxation.

Candlelight Hills is a desirable neighborhood in the North East Heights of Albuquerque, offering a pleasant residential environment, beautiful surroundings, convenient amenities, and a strong community spirit.

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