Paseo del Bosque Trail

The Paseo del Bosque Trail is a scenic multi-use trail located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, including the North East Heights neighborhood. Here’s some more information about the trail:

Trail Overview: The Paseo del Bosque Trail stretches approximately 16 miles along the banks of the Rio Grande, offering a picturesque route for walking, jogging, cycling, and other recreational activities. The trail is relatively flat and well-maintained, making it accessible to people of all fitness levels.

Natural Beauty: The trail runs through the Bosque, a unique riverside forest of cottonwood trees, providing a tranquil and shaded environment. It offers stunning views of the Sandia Mountains to the east and the Albuquerque cityscape to the west. The trail showcases the natural beauty of the area and provides a peaceful escape from urban life.

Wildlife Viewing: The Bosque ecosystem along the trail is home to a variety of wildlife species. Visitors may spot birds such as herons, egrets, hawks, and waterfowl. The area also supports a diverse range of mammals, including beavers, rabbits, coyotes, and occasionally deer. Nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers will appreciate the opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitat.

Recreation Opportunities: The Paseo del Bosque Trail offers numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation. Visitors can walk, jog, or run along the trail’s paved pathway. Cyclists can enjoy a leisurely ride or train for longer distances. The wide trail accommodates both pedestrians and cyclists, with designated lanes for each. Rollerbladers and skateboarders are also welcome.

Access Points: The trail can be accessed from various points along its route, including several trailheads and parking areas. Popular access points in the North East Heights area include the Alameda Boulevard Trailhead and the Montaño Bridge Trailhead. These locations provide convenient starting points for exploring the trail.

Points of Interest: Along the trail, there are several points of interest worth exploring. This includes the Rio Grande Nature Center, which offers educational exhibits, walking paths, and birdwatching opportunities. Additionally, the trail passes near the Albuquerque BioPark, which encompasses the zoo, aquarium, and botanical garden.

Family-Friendly: The Paseo del Bosque Trail is suitable for families and individuals of all ages. It provides a safe and enjoyable environment for recreational activities. Families can bring children to bike, walk, or run together, enjoying the fresh air and scenic surroundings.

Events and Activities: The trail occasionally hosts events and activities, such as organized runs, charity walks, and community gatherings. These events provide an opportunity to engage with the local community and participate in fitness-oriented activities.

When using the Paseo del Bosque Trail, it’s important to observe trail etiquette, including yielding to others, staying on designated paths, and respecting the environment. The trail offers a serene and immersive experience in nature, allowing residents and visitors of Albuquerque’s North East Heights to connect with the outdoors and lead an active lifestyle.

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